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Who am I ?

I am retired and always liked to work wood and metal in the workshop that I estabished for myself. After carpentry and cabinetmaking, I wanted to create objects more decorative, more artistic. So I turned to engraving and later to sculpture, making the object in wood and bronze that are presented in this website.

Wood engraving

To engrave is to dig with a tool. There are several types of engravings:


The drawing must be made of closed shapes as the example shown opposite.

The V-shaped tool starts in the center of the shape and digs until its sides reach the external borders. As a result, the center of the moon is much deeper than the endings and the edges are V-shaped.

moon shape v-carved

Traditional engraving

The tool is digging following the lines of a drawing. This tool can have a round, squared or V shape and be digging more or less deeply. With these various shapes, different results can be obtained.
moon shape with traditional engraving

Raster engraving

As for V-carving, the drawing is made of closed shapes. However in that case the tool is flat or rounded so the engraving has the same depth from the center to the side of the shape.
moon shape raster engraved

Bronze objects

After trying these various engraving types I started to sculpt wooden bas-reliefs. Then I sculpted objects and statues.
These bas-relief and sculptures are models I use for casting the bronzes I am offering (cast in foundry sand, then hand-polished). All these bronzes are full (and not hollow), so they are pretty heavy.

Other productions (customized)

If you would like a customized engraving (V-carving, traditional or raster engraving), you can send me a drawing here and I will tell you if I can carry it out. However I should point out that the engraving is all the ore beautiful as the drawing is stylized. Very detailed drawings are likely to be difficult to identify once engraved.